Private Classes


45 fun-filled minutes of live music language instruction. 10-week sessions begin on any day/time you want. We provide instruments, themed vocab sheets, and a CD download for each family. Learn 15 new words per class through singing, movement, and puppetry. Conclude this unforgettable learning experience with a bubble dance party extravaganza!


Benefits range from the convenience of staying cozy in your home, to creating an exclusive social space, to enjoying curriculum tailored to meet the needs of your kids. Plus, your kids will gain cultural sensitivity and grow up to be global thinkers.


Step 1: You, the organizing parent, get a group together and confirm what day/time to host Bilingual Birdies in your home.

Step 2: Use our web scheduler below to book your teacher based on your desired day/time and their availability: Select your first class date from the calendar and type in all 10 class dates in the “Class Dates” field on the registration screen. (If you don’t see the time or teacher you would like, call our HQ at (646) 443-1313.)

Step 3: You pay for the entire 10-week session online and have the families pay you back. The fee is $2500 for 10 weeks ($250 per class) and you split this amongst all the participating families. The more families you have in the group, the cheaper it is per family. Once you’ve paid, you are confirmed!

Fine print:
Ages: Newborns to age 5 are welcome. Our teachers are trained to engage various ages at the same time so mixed ages groups are fine.
Make-ups/Cancellations/Refunds: We don’t allow make-ups since you select each date that you want ahead of time. Once the session begins, we need 24 hours notice to make a date change and that’s only in the case of an emergency. We don’t offer refunds. Storage: We’ll leave a small bag of toys in the host family’s home for the duration of the 10 weeks. Rotating locations: We can do only one location change if you want to split which family is hosting. The first 5 weeks can be in one home, and the last 5 weeks in a second person’s home. You will be responsible to transport the bag of toys. Family wants to join late: If a family wants to join a session a few weeks after it’s started, they are responsible to pay the same rate everyone in the group has paid. We will pro-rate based on how many dates are left in the session. Tailored curriculum: Our curriculum has a proven track record of success for the last 9 years in NYC and SF, but we’re happy to adjust to full-immersion, and take special requests before the first day of class. Distance: Travel fee may be added based on location.


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